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PA Next Steps

A step-by-step guide for the new physician assistant. This book will provide you with the information and tools you need to start practicing, find a job you love, and excel in your personal, professional, and financial life. This is everything they didn’t teach you in school.

“I truly believe that every PA student should read PA Next Steps during their last few rotations or shortly after graduation.”- Leigh G.

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What Physician Assistants Are Saying

Reviews from new grads that have read and used the book.

Jordan has done what has been missing for PAs:  Put together a practical, easily understood, and thorough guide for recent, or soon-to-be graduates.  This book teems with essential information and wisdom that is invaluable.  If I had had a resource such as this upon completing PA school, I could’ve saved hundreds of hours of my time, much confusion, and also tens of thousands of dollars in future earnings.
Shayne Foley, PA-C
Efficient Clinician, Primary Care
An excellent resource for the important topics they don’t teach you in PA school. Easy to read, narrative style, and full of wise tidbits that will save you from scratching your head and asking yourself, “where do I go from here”? A must-read for all new PA school graduates.
Mitch Erickson, PA-C
Thoracic Surgery
What a great resource for new PAs! In the midst of rotations, preparing for finals, graduation, the PANCE, and job searching, there is little time to think about life beyond school. This book guides you from graduation to the start of your career and into “real life”. I had no idea I would need to set extra money aside to make the bridge from graduation to my first job! Definitely appreciate the insights on looking for jobs and planning for the future.
Brooke Bekkedahl, PA-C
Retirement planning was something I knew was important, but knew little about. I wish this book was available to me when I graduated in 2017. I will be recommending this book to all new graduates!
Sam Stanfield, PA-C
Emergency Medicine

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