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Jordan Fisher in Patagonia
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I was elated when I finished school.  I had dedicated my life to train as a physician assistant and now would be able to start my working career.  Before I knew it, that elation had worn off and I was left thinking, “What the heck do I do now?”  As everybody does, I scoured the Internet trying to find direction.  I quickly realized few resources exist that provide guidance for a new PA.  I floundered and lost valuable time stumbling through the maze-like process of licensing, credentialing, and job-finding.  I want to save you that time and stress.  This book will walk you through exactly what to do after you are handed your diploma through the first years of being a physician assistant. This is the guide I wish I had as I started my career.

My Experience

I have done my best to get the most out of my career so far. I poured everything I learned into this book and hope you will come away with multiple ways to improve both your profession and yourself.

3+ Years as a PA

3 Specialties

Adjunct Professor, Preceptor, Mentor, and now Author!

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