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PA Next Steps has been so incredibly helpful as I prepare for graduation and the start of my career as a PA. I felt wildly unprepared to start the process of finding a job, negotiating a contract, and getting my “big girl” finances in line after graduation. These are the things that don’t teach you in school, and everybody knows it. “PA Next Steps” addresses all these challenges in a way that is approachable and feels very doable. The book reads like you’re sitting down over a cup of coffee with Jordan as he divulges words of wisdom and instruction. After reading it I feel confident and prepared to take on this coming transition. I know how busy the months leading up to graduation are (because I’m there right now) but I truly believe that every PA student should read PA Next Steps during their last few rotations or shortly after graduation.
Leigh G., PA-S
Soon to be Trauma Surgery!

Jordan did an excellent job creating a straightforward, concise guide for new PAs to navigate the next steps after graduation! I know many new PAs are only focused on taking and passing PANCE, but there are so many other things that demand your attention as a new PA to be able to start working in your first job. This book allows you to streamline that process, saving you some of life’s most precious, nonrenewable resource: your time. Additionally, the steps in PA Next Steps that encourage you to take control of your finances will help set you up for success so you can build your wealth over the years! This is a fantastic resource for any new PA.

PA school is such a whirlwind filled with cramming so much information into your head in such a short span of time you really don’t have time to stop and think much about “what happens when school is over?” and then all of your sudden your months from graduating and don’t even know what to you need to start thinking about and planning, let alone you are still finishing your clinicals and studying for boards! This book offers so much support and advice to help guide you and makes post-grad life and starting your career less of a steep learning curve! Cannot recommend enough!!
Katie R., PA-C

I wish this book had been available when I graduated PA school. I was lucky enough to land my first job out of clinical rotations, but knowing how to navigate contract negotiations and manage long terms saving while trying to pay off my student loans was completely foreign to me. This book breaks down this crucial information in a simple way. Even 4 years into my career as a practicing Physician Assistant, I still find it helpful. *HIGHLY RECOMMEND*
Cameron M., PA-C
Urgent Care