Here is the list of websites I talk about in the book for your reading pleasure

Mr. Money Mustache

It would be a disservice not to put this blog first. MMM changed my life and I hope this blog can change yours too!

The Efficient Clinician

A former professor of mine, the Efficient Clinician has great content on preventing burnout and optimizing the practice of a physician assistant.

PA 4 Finance

Andrew has advanced training both a PA and MBA. He uses this training in his business, PA 4 Finance, to provide financial and tax advice unique to the PA profession.

My Money Wizard

One of my favorite bloggers. My Money Wizard talks about his path to financial independence. He is not there yet so he is much more relatable than some other bloggers.

Mad Fientist

The best content on tax minimization and understanding the tax code. He also has a fantastic podcast that I regularly listen to.

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